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Craftsman Creative helps creators, artists, and entrepreneurs make a living doing what they love.

Each week on the podcast we go deep on some aspect of the life and business of a creator, so that you can learn what it actually takes to shift your mindset from artist to business owner.

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Latest Episodes

BCC 013 - The Power Of Leverage

What got you to where you are won't get you to where you're going.

BCC 012 - RPM Planning For Creatives

How to implement the RPM Planning System from Tony Robbins into your creative life and business.

BCC 011 - The Overwhelming Feeling That You Should Just Give Up

Ever have a moment where you feel like just giving up? In this episode, I talk about why you need to keep going.

BCC 010 - Structure Your Life Around Moments Of Joy

What are you optimizing for? More money? More business? More followers? When you change what you're optimizing to find more moments of Joy, your entire life gets be...

BCC 009 - Your Business Can Only Have One Goal

After reading the book The Goal this week, I discovered two important principles that apply to all creative businesses, and are essential to their success.

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