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Craftsman Creative helps creators, artists, and entrepreneurs make a living doing what they love.

Each week on the podcast we go deep on some aspect of the life and business of a creator, so that you can learn what it actually takes to shift your mindset from artist to business owner.

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MOVIE Framework Episode 3 - Visibility

In this episode we cover Visibility, how to get awareness, prospects, leads, customers, and clients from your audience using the Craftsman Content Framework. LINKS:Scr...

MOVIE Framework Episode 2 - Outcomes

In part 2 of the MOVIE framework series, I cover Outcomes and why having an outcome-focused approach to creative work is the best way to approach building and growing ...

MOVIE Framework Episode 1 - Mindset

Today is episode 1 of a five-episode series on my MOVIE framework for building and growing creative businesses.Sign up for the upcoming workshop at workshops.craftsman...

You have an awareness problem | Episode 040

This week we're talking about Visibility, how to get more awareness for your business, get oversubscribed, and how to grow your business by getting more leads coming i...

Repeatable Outcomes Require Systems | Episode 039

Today we're talking about outcomes, both defining them and achieving them. You've got to know the destination before you design how to get there. We touch on outcomes ...

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