A show that aims to help artists, creatives, contractors, freelancers, and small business owners better understand their businesses so that they can survive the present and thrive in the future.

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Blogs vs Newsletters with Dylan Redekop and Josh Spector | Craftsman Creative Workshop 006

A workshop where Daren Smith and this week's co-hosts Dylan Redekop and Josh Spector discuss Blogs vs. Newsletters. Recorded live on Twitter Spaces with Q&A at the...

How To Write A Book In Public with Kevon Cheung | Craftsman Creative Workshop 005

Kevon and I dive deep into the decision and process of writing a book in public.

How to grow your business using Twitter with Dagobert Renouf | Craftsman Creative Workshop 004

Today's cohost is Dagobert Renouf, founder of Logology and a massive presence on Twitter. We chat about how he strategically chose Twitter to find his audience and gro...

How to build an audience through books and courses with Arvid Kahl | Craftsman Creative Workshop 003

Today's cohost is Arvid Kahl, who is an author and creator. He wrote Zero to Sold after a successful exit of his SaaS company, and The Embedded Entrepreneur after succ...

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