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Which Seat Are You In?

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BLOCKBUSTER - Lifestyle Design 101

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BLOCKBUSTER - Section 2, Outcomes | Episode 066

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BLOCKBUSTER - Stepping into your role as a leader | Episode 065

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BLOCKBUSTER - Impact, what we really want | Episode 064

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BLOCKBUSTER - Art is a Language | Episode 063

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BLOCKBUSTER - The Craftsman Flywheel | Episode 062

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Blockbuster - The Power of Resilience | Episode 061

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Blockbuster - Get Resourceful | Episode 059

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Part 1 - Mindset - Episode 057

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

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BLOCKBUSTER - How To Use This Book

Every book should have a chapter like this. Here's how to use this book!Take the free scorecard at

BLOCKBUSTER - Introduction

The introduction of my new book, Blockbuster - Expand your business to seven figures and beyondTake the free scorecard at

Announcing My New Book! | Episode 053

Announcing my new book project!LINKSMy first book, Craftsman CreativeScorecard Marketing by Daniel PriestleyRethink PressBookBuilderFreeform AppMOVIE Framework Episode...

[BONUS] Nathan Barry & Daren Smith at CEX 2023

I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with Nathan Barry, CEO and Founder of ConvertKit while I was at CEX at the beginning of May. We went deep into mindset, val...

Slowly, then all at once... | Episode 051

A short reflection on the last 8 months, and what to do when things feel like they just aren't working out the way you'd hoped.

3 Things That Happen When You Write & Publish Your Book | Episode 050

Writing your book isn't just a way to create a new revenue stream and add some income into your life. In this episode I cover three massive benefits that have happened...

Creator Economy Expo 2023 - 3 Ways To Create Opportunities From Conferences | Episode 049

This episode of the Craftsman Creative Podcast talks about the Creator Economy Expo (CEX) 2023 and how to best use events to propel your business forward. You'll learn...

Someone Out There Has An Abundance Of The Thing You Need | Episode 048

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The Moonshot Mindset | Episode 047

What is a moonshot mindset and how can you use it to define the work you do today, and the outcomes you want to achieve tomorrow?LINKSSociety of Independent CreatorsMo...

Reflecting on 100 Newsletter Issues and 12 Months Since My Book Launch

It's been 18 months since I started writing my book, and this week I just sent out the 100th issue of the BCC Newsletter. Time to share some of the principles that hav...

MOVIE Framework Episode 5 - Expand Your Impact

In this final episode of the series we talk about three ways you can expand your business AFTER you've finished the other steps and built out all of the systems in you...

MOVIE Framework Episode 4 - Implement Systems

MOVIE Framework Episode 4 is about Implementing Systems. You don't have a business until you have these four systems in place and generating the outcomes you want in y...

MOVIE Framework Episode 3 - Visibility

In this episode we cover Visibility, how to get awareness, prospects, leads, customers, and clients from your audience using the Craftsman Content Framework. LINKS:Scr...

MOVIE Framework Episode 2 - Outcomes

In part 2 of the MOVIE framework series, I cover Outcomes and why having an outcome-focused approach to creative work is the best way to approach building and growing ...

MOVIE Framework Episode 1 - Mindset

Today is episode 1 of a five-episode series on my MOVIE framework for building and growing creative businesses.Sign up for the upcoming workshop at workshops.craftsman...

You have an awareness problem | Episode 040

This week we're talking about Visibility, how to get more awareness for your business, get oversubscribed, and how to grow your business by getting more leads coming i...

Repeatable Outcomes Require Systems | Episode 039

Today we're talking about outcomes, both defining them and achieving them. You've got to know the destination before you design how to get there. We touch on outcomes ...

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