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BCC 041 - Web3 For Creators

An overview of web3 for creators and the opportunities that are coming.

BCC 040 - A Portfolio Of Small Bets

How building a portfolio of small bets can help creators get the freedom and independence they desire.

The Magic Of The Grind | BCC 037

Sometimes big accomplishments look like magic, but they rarely are.

BCC 014 - Validating A Product Idea

When you get a new idea, do you immediately start building it out because you're a creative and that's the fun part??? Yeah, me too. This time, though, I'm taking a different approach.

BCC 013 - The Power Of Leverage

What got you to where you are won't get you to where you're going.

BCC 012 - RPM Planning For Creatives

How to implement the RPM Planning System from Tony Robbins into your creative life and business.

BCC 011 - The Overwhelming Feeling That You Should Just Give Up

Ever have a moment where you feel like just giving up? In this episode, I talk about why you need to keep going.

BCC 010 - Structure Your Life Around Moments Of Joy

What are you optimizing for? More money? More business? More followers? When you change what you're optimizing to find more moments of Joy, your entire life gets better. In today's episode we talk about how to do that.

BCC 009 - Your Business Can Only Have One Goal

After reading the book The Goal this week, I discovered two important principles that apply to all creative businesses, and are essential to their success.

BCC 008 - Winter Is Coming

In this episode, I cover how to instantly prepare your business to survive the winter months

BCC 007 - How One Breakthrough Can Save (Or Double) Your Business

Breakthroughs can be created, and often come from some combination of changing your State, your Story, or your Strategy.

BCC 006 - Charting A Course

The point of the journey you're on is not just to get to the destination, but to chart a course along the way...

BCC 005 - Where You Are Is Not Where You're Going

What to do when, like your children, you start asking "are we there yet?" with your business.

BCC 004 - The Future Belongs To Creators...(But Only If They Survive The Present)

The convergence of a few different things this week led to a major "aha" moment for my businesses

BCC 003 - Exact Change Required

When we're not getting the results we want from our lives, we often just need to look at the actions we're taking to see if they will actually get us what we want.

BCC 002 - Slow Down To Go Faster

When you're operating like someone else rather than yourself, you're wasting energy that could be put into growing your company and getting the results you really want.

BCC 001 - Why Newsletters?

Why the recent resurgence in newsletter popularity? In today's episode I give you MY reasons for writing newsletters, and why our reasons for doing anything are important to discover in our creative lives.

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