Repeatable Outcomes Require Systems | Episode 039

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Today we're talking about outcomes, both defining them and achieving them. You've got to know the destination before you design how to get there. We touch on outcomes for you, outcomes for your audience, as well as how to build systems to generate consistent, repeatable outcomes.

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Resources mentioned:

Dan Sullivan - The Four Freedoms
Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley
10k Creator show with Joe Pulizzi
See my podcast appearances from last year, especially the Build Your Thing episode with Matt Giaro ;)
The Saturday Solopreneur from Justin Welsh

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Daren | Craftsman Creativeđź’ˇ
Daren | Craftsman Creativeđź’ˇ
Film Producer helping Creative Entrepreneurs produce outcomes in their businesses at
Repeatable Outcomes Require Systems | Episode 039
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