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Each week on the podcast we go deep on some aspect of the life and business of a creator, so that you can learn what it actually takes to shift your mindset from artist to business owner.

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[BONUS] Nathan Barry & Daren Smith at CEX 2023

I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with Nathan Barry, CEO and Founder of ConvertKit while I was at CEX at the beginning of May. We went deep into mindset, val...

Slowly, then all at once... | Episode 051

A short reflection on the last 8 months, and what to do when things feel like they just aren't working out the way you'd hoped.

3 Things That Happen When You Write & Publish Your Book | Episode 050

Writing your book isn't just a way to create a new revenue stream and add some income into your life. In this episode I cover three massive benefits that have happened...

Creator Economy Expo 2023 - 3 Ways To Create Opportunities From Conferences | Episode 049

This episode of the Craftsman Creative Podcast talks about the Creator Economy Expo (CEX) 2023 and how to best use events to propel your business forward. You'll learn...

Someone Out There Has An Abundance Of The Thing You Need | Episode 048

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